I guess this journey started long before me, rooted in Caribbean heritage on the isles of Carriacou, Grenada. A note of gratitude to my late grandfather, my first teacher for the lessons and times we shared, I am forever grateful! Love everlasting.

Born in Huddersfield UK, February 25th 1997. My earliest memories creating art were crafting sculptures out of paper mache and cardboard, to paint and decorate for fancy dress costumes. Well my mum would do the heavy lifting, I’d assist of course. She is such a talented artist and I guess always encouraged me and my younger brother to be imaginative, if not through word by action.

However, my journey with the machine wouldn’t start until my teens, after wanting to stand apart from the crowd and wear clothes unlike my peers. I began asking my grandad, who was a tailor, to make alterations to my clothes until one day it clicked. Why rely on him to do it?, why not ask him to teach me? And so it began, my first mentorship. After hours of teaching I gained the confidence to try making clothes on my own, watching online seminars and YouTube tutorials for guidance as well as countless occasions of trial and error, making anything but wearable clothes.

In the end my persistence paid off and a few years later I enrolled on a master’s degree program at the University of Huddersfield, from which I graduated in 2021 with an MA in Creative pattern cutting.

Since graduating I’ve fully immersed myself in the garment construction process, and now ready to share my creations with you. The symbol DS you see on the clothes is an abbreviation of my name (Damarnishakeil). If I was to describe my approach to design with one word, I’d say innovative, always looking for new ways to refresh the age-old staple pieces we wear everyday, giving them new life through intricate pattern design. As an artist your body of work is a constant evolution, a work in progress and Damarnishakeil is my documentation of that journey. I’d like to express my appreciation to those who have supported my journey to date, and forward thankyou’s to those who may join along the way.

Signed DS 2023.

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Damarnishakeil is currently working on the brands 1st capsule collection, which is planned to walk the runway very soon.

For general inquiries – contact@damarnishakeil.com

For work or collaboration inquiries- pr@damarnishakeil.com